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Sarah Cole & Annis Joslin are an artist duo whose work is social, collaborative and award-winning.


Our approach is to make work through social art encounters, conversations and multi-disciplinary workshops, leading to co-authored video, drawings, texts, images, performances, installations and presentations. The work is shown at film and digital festivals, in galleries, public spaces and within community contexts, often as part of hands-on activities with audiences.


Cole & Joslin's videos bring together ongoing research into the lived experiences of the people we work with; women with complex lives, including long-term mental and physical health issues, experiences of trauma and neurodiversity.


Since our collaboration began in 2018, we have received two ACE funding awards to develop our practice, using immersive technologies and refining the ways we work with communities.


Cole & Joslin's approach encourages conversations through play and new media, using materials, language and performance within a shared, generative dialogue. The outcomes are varied and speculative;  this material is used to create video works that are shared back with participants. Contributors are consulted throughout and conversations are maintained to ensure full transparency and engagement. This is a slow way to work, responsive to the sensitivities and vulnerabilities inherent within a creative process and can have significant impact on the lives of the people who participate.

This website is for Cole & Joslin's joint work. 

To see our individual work, please go to:

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