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STUCK, Cole & Joslin © Pete Jones 2022

STUCK is a video made in 360, projected as a crystal ball hovering above the busy streets of Kensington Gardens. It was shown as part of Third Thursdays - an arts, music and culture programme in the centre of Brighton - in April 2022

Look up and you catch sight of a young woman inside a child’s bedroom, testing and retracing the space. Her movements are cyclical, constrained, repetitive, frustrated. She spins, rocks and stretches. At times, the video is disorientating, spinning wildly, at other times she is still, pensive and tired. The sense of scale is distorted through the crystal ball; she is childlike, playful, but also an adult and the video acts like a lens into her hidden domestic experience. She is quite literally stuck within the walls of the room.

Looped Video 4 mins 2022

Performer: Lilian Deans Allison, Callous Affection Dance

360 production consultant: Michael Danks


Commissioned by Third Thursdays.

Supported by Arts Council England


Thanks to Lucy and Yak

Photo credit Pete Jones 2022

STUCK, Cole & Joslin © Pete Jones 2022
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