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STUCK (Looped Video 4 mins 2022) was filmed in 360, projected as a crystal ball hovering above the busy streets of Kensington Gardens.

It was commissioned and shown as part of Third Thursdays - an arts, music and culture programme in the centre of Brighton - in April 2022

Look up and you catch sight of a young woman inside a child’s bedroom, testing and retracing the space. Her movements are cyclical, constrained, repetitive, frustrated. She spins, rocks and stretches.The sense of scale is distorted through the crystal ball; she is childlike, playful, but also an adult and the video acts like a lens into her hidden domestic experience. She is quite literally stuck within the walls of the room.


Performer: Lilian Deans Allison, Callous Affection Dance

360 production consultant: Michael Danks

Commissioned by Third Thursdays. Supported by Arts Council England.

Thanks to Lucy and Yak

Photo credit Pete Jones 2022

STUCK, Cole & Joslin © Pete Jones 2022
STUCK, Cole & Joslin © Pete Jones 2022
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