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SHIFT - residency

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SHIFT was a year-long research project developed as a partnership between Cole & Joslin with Brighton Women's Centre and Phoenix Arts Space. Work was shared in the Project Space, March 2023 as a way to reflect on our progress and to review what had emerged after six-months of weekly workshops with participants from BWC's peer to peer groups.

The week of activities included drawings, monoprints, photographs and 360 video, with participants facilitating workshops and screenings for the general public and invited groups and staff from Brighton Women's Centre. 

Following the success of this residency we were invited to be part of the Community Takeover exhibition at Phoenix in September 2023. Cole & Joslin will continued to work with the women on a monthly basis to develop and refine the work for this event.

Reflecting on the week-long residency, comments from participants included:

"It was awe-inspiring, I felt a sense of wonder. Everyone's work felt powerful and empowering. There was teamwork on display. To see it all together felt amazing"

"My heart melted when I heard what someone wrote after hearing my poem"

"I felt loved and looked after. I also felt camaraderie. My guard has been dropped a lot and I feel safe with you guys"

"How proud I felt that everyone was coming to see it, to see our work"

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