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 Lazy Boy (trailer, 2023) - full film available to view on request

Lazy Boy is a short (5 mins 20 secs) film exploring the body in relation to memory, family, mental health and domestic (dis)comfort. Lazy Boy shifts between three worlds: a dance rehearsal room, a black void, and a green hilltop. Present throughout is a seemingly banal 'Lazyboy' chair, negotiated physically through movement as its story is gradually revealed. The work is based on the lived experience of narrator Kerry, first met during the making of Messy Business.

Supported by Research at Central Saint Martins, UAL and Arts Council England.

Performers: Clea Godsill, and Flexer and Sandiland's 'Acting Our Age' Movement Class

Music: James Kirby

With thanks to Mike Samson, Brightfire productions, and Michael Danks, 360 Consultant

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