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Cheeta, by Leila

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Time Zone, by Cindy

This research project has been a partnership between Cole & Joslin with Brighton Women's Centre and Phoenix Arts Space, funded by an Arts Council England National Lottery Grant.

As a group of twelve women we have met on a weekly basis to explore what 'shift' means to each of us. Activities have included drawing, writing, singing, monoprints, performance and video. The process has been speculative and experimental, with images and conversations emerging that inform our thinking. After six-months, work-in-progress was then presented for the public, in the Project Space, March 2023.

Working creatively in this way, forming a collective and testing ideas amongst ourselves, the project has been enormously affecting for those involved. Participants have spoken about re-connecting with play and their sense of joy, learning to speak up with more confidence, being surprised by what they can achieve and produce, and making new friends. Concurrent to these weekly sessions, Cole & Joslin have been developing work alongside, noting their process  and progress on Instagram and on an A-N Blog.

The success of the project has led to an invitation to be part of the Community Takeover exhibition at Phoenix in September 2023. Cole & Joslin will continue to work with the women on a monthly basis to develop and refine the work for this event.

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