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Exhibition, Phoenix Arts Space, Brighton. 1 - 18 September 2023

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SHIFT HAPPENS presents work made in collaboration with a group from Brighton Women’s Centre, as part of the Phoenix Arts Space's Community Takeover, A Seat at the Table. Funded as a research project, this exhibition explores the process of making art as a way to think through personal experience. The group have asked themselves what it means to reflect upon, activate, and acclimatise to change, seeking ways to visualise the uncertainties and complexities of their lives. Individual ideas have been developed collectively, and during the exhibition visitors are invited to contribute to the ongoing enquiry by writing a postcard, drawing a Food Bank Still Life, adding to the wall of monoprint chairs and performing at the BWC Open Mic.


The project began with the video Lazy, developed from a previous project bringing the story of a LazyBoy chair into discussion about power, resilience, mental health and recovery. The chair was interrogated as a site of both conflict and comfort, with other objects and narratives informing the different material explorations. The project has involved making monoprints, large-scale and collaborative drawings, 360 video, performance, animation and playing with objects and words. SHIFT HAPPENS was made by twelve people who met on a regular basis, committing to seeing what emerges when they trust a creative process and each other.



Alyce, Annis, Cindy, Jacq, Jaqueline, Jeanette, Lee, Leila, Pip, Phillipa, Sarah, Stevie


Thank you to:

Jane Moore & Jess Hoult, Brighton Women’s Centre

Flexer & Sandiland, and the Acting Our Age Movement group

Jake Parker, ‘Remains’ chair sculpture

Jim Kirby, sound design

Chris Chowen, Creative Technologist

Mike Sansom, Brightfire Productions 

Techwise, for their generous support with AV equipment

Andrew Kotting, mentoring and Inkibit, software training, A-N Artists Bursary funded

SHIFT HAPPENS was funded by Arts Council England, with additional support from Brighton Women's Centre and Phoenix Arts Space.

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