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STATIC is a development of Cole & Joslin's previous work Messy Business - made with survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, resulting from a year of weekly meetings. Activities included plate smashing, singing, shouting through a loud hailer and jumping out of an aeroplane. The group, all women over 40, said that the art project was “better than therapy”, they stayed in touch with us over the past few years and collaborated with us as consultants for STATIC (made during 2020 during the covid-pandemic).


STATIC is a 360 video that can be watched on a phone, tablet or VR headset. The work carries the energy and ideas of the women from Messy Business but is set within an isolated domestic space where the viewer experiences a shift in scale, focus and sense of place. Working with a BSL performer and dancer, we have begun to consider the role of movement (filmic, symbolic, metaphorical and literal) as a way to consider what it means to be a woman when options and agency may feel limited. 

STATIC won Best 360 Film, in December 2022 at the Cannes World Film Festival, and was an Award Winner in the Beyond the Curve International Film Festival. 


Watch STATIC here (10.43 minutes)

Read about the making of STATIC: a-n BLOG

Soundtrack by Isa Suarez

Funded by Arts Council England, an artists bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company and People United. Supported by Ideas TestFuseboxWired Sussex and their ongoing relationship with Joining Hands, Joining Hearts.



STATIC was screened in the Lethaby Gallery, Central St Martins, London in January 2023. 


This exhibition presented research, education and practice with the gallery functioning as a storeroom, an archive, a making space, a showroom and a classroom. STATIC was screened for one-day, faciltated by Cole & Joslin, with viewers watching the work on a VR headset and invited to draw their responses on a roll of the wallpaper that features in the video.

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